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Blackfinch Group is an award-winning investment specialist. With a heritage dating back over 25 years we bring significant experience. Our businesses include Blackfinch Investments, delivering tax-efficient solutions, and Blackfinch Ventures, focused on early stage investing. 

We are a trusted provider of Inheritance Tax (IHT) solutions and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), recognised for structured risk mitigation and robust investment processes, with the ability to adapt to legislative change. 

We work in partnership with advisers, helping to support the growth of their business while meeting their clients’ requirements. We are committed to transparency, competitive costs and charges, and making the investment process as simple as possible for all our customers. 

Blackfinch Group is also an environmental, social and governance (ESG) investor with a specialism in renewable energy.  We are committed to a positive impact across our businesses and investee firms.  This means we are well placed to support advisers on ESG-friendly solutions for clients. 

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At Blackfinch our goal is to deliver a service to advisers and their clients that is second to none.  We offer a range of support and our team is always available to assist you in:

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The Adapt IHT Portfolios have proved popular with clients looking for a more efficient and straightforward solution to the challenge of IHT. Clients can look to see IHT relief after two years (and provided investments are still held at time of death).

The portfolios focus on underlying investments qualifying for Business Relief (BR) in turn delivering IHT relief.
This stands in contrast to traditional methods such as gifts and trusts which can involve a long wait along with being costly and complex to manage. 

There is also flexibility and control brought by portfolio options – Ethical, Balanced, Balanced Growth or Growth – to suit individual client needs.  Each portfolio invests in the same firms but with different allocations to suit different requirements.  In this way, the range can help advisers cater to more clients.  Clients can invest in firms operating across renewable energy generation, property development finance and asset-backed lending.

Clients retain access to capital and are able to make full or partial withdrawals if their situation changes. Clients can also take a regular payment from their investment or leave the capital invested. The portfolios have received accreditation from MJ Hudson Allenbridge. 

Blackfinch Adapt IHT Portfolios Monthly Performance Sheets April 2021

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Our Adapt AIM Portfolios are a discretionary service where investors hold shares in Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listed companies that meet the qualification requirements for BR. These can deliver a swift two-year 100% IHT relief for investors, while enabling them to maintain control over their assets and benefit from the return potential in AIM market investment.

Furthermore, AIM shares are eligible to be held in ISAs. The Adapt AIM Portfolios therefore combine the attractive tax benefits of an ISA with IHT relief due to their qualification for BR.

Investing in smaller companies, including those on AIM, requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Therefore, we have teamed up with Chelverton Asset Management, enabling us to combine our tax-efficient specialism with a firm that has a long and successful history of smaller company investment. Chelverton acts as an investment adviser to Blackfinch in respect of this service.

The Adapt AIM Portfolios offer the choice of an Income or Growth Portfolio. These will differ in both the selection of underlying investee companies and the treatment of any dividends received into client accounts.

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Blackfinch has developed a solution which is designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for surplus capital held within a business.  It targets a competitive return of 4-6% p.a. yet with no upper limit.

In delivering the Thrive Corporate Management Service we work under a management agreement with business owners to make excess cash work harder from within their company. As the capital stays within the business, the owners remain in control.

Under this agreement Blackfinch helps business owners to develop a trading strategy, based on both asset-backed and property development lending, which can be tailored to their own risk profiles and return expectations. While owners focus on day-to-day operations, Blackfinch works alongside them to ensure that the trading strategy and business plan can be achieved.

The service enables business clients to maintain attractive tax reliefs. As surplus cash within a trading company may be deemed an ‘excepted asset’, for BR purposes, by trading this cash into a qualifying lending trade it could also help restore BR on the capital and reduce IHT charges. The service can also help to increase the availability of Business Asset Disposal Relief (formerly Entrepreneurs’ Relief) and lower Capital Gains Tax charges.

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The Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios are our latest offering as an established EIS provider, fully aligned with updated government requirements. They bring access to EIS tax benefits along with the prospect of significant returns from investments high-growth firms with technological potential.

We identify innovative EIS-qualifying firms across sectors, investing in disruptive businesses with strong founding teams. By spreading investments across a multi-sector portfolio of ten companies, investment risk can be reduced, mitigating the effect of companies that underperform or fail. In this way, we are able to focus on companies with the potential to succeed, targeting a 3x return and aiming to deliver this over timeframes of four to seven years.

Our team of experts in early stage investing brings major differentiators in the form of privileged deal flow and active support for companies, from investment to development to exit, focused on strong exits for investors. Our close involvement with companies helps to reduce risk. Blackfinch also co-invests alongside investors, further ensuring alignment of interests. The portfolios have received accreditation from MJ Hudson Allenbridge.

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The Blackfinch Spring VCT forms part of our suite of tax-efficient solutions. It brings exposure to the technology sector, enabling clients to further diversify their portfolios. This is along with access to VCT tax benefits, including 30% Income Tax relief, and the prospect of tax-free dividends. The VCT has received accreditation from MJ Hudson Allenbridge.

The VCT invests in a diversified range of technology-enabled companies at a growth stage of development, so bringing a higher chance of success. Blackfinch is targeting dividends of 5% p.a. from 2024 onwards, along with special dividends, where appropriate, from the proceeds of successful exits of portfolio companies that are not reinvested. Clients can also consider whether to reinvest any dividends for further 30% Income Tax relief.

Blackfinch co-invests alongside investors. The VCT is differentiated by the Blackfinch Ventures team of experts in early stage investing, which includes entrepreneurs and technology specialists. Focused on high-quality deal flow, the team sources firms using extensive networks, cutting-edge research platforms and stringent criteria, all of which set the VCT apart.

The companies underlying the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios also create an opportunity for follow-on co-investment by the VCT. As the team advises on investments for the VCT and the EIS, this brings the advantage of deep knowledge, experience and past data on companies.

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