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About Octopus Investments

When Octopus was founded in 2000, we wanted to create an investment company that put its customers first. We looked at what didn't work well, and found ways to do things differently.

Along the way we've become the largest provider of specialist tax-efficient investments.  We manage the most money in each of our product lines, making us leaders in investments that qualify for relief from inheritance tax, Venture Capital Trusts and investments that qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme1.

Today, we are a trusted fund manager.  We look after substantial assets on behalf of retail investors and large institutions. We have more than 750 employees and manage over £9.3 billion of assets2.

We invest in the sectors we know inside out. Sectors that contribute to making the world a better place.

Name sounds familiar? You may be thinking 'I've heard the name Octopus before'. The Octopus family also includes Octopus Energy, the UK's only Which? Recommended energy provider four years running. 

Inheritance tax investments

Octopus is the largest manager of investments that qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR)1. BPR-qualifying shares that have been held for at least two years and are held at the time of death, can be left to beneficiaries free from inheritance tax.

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Enterprise Investment Scheme

Octopus has a long-established history of investing in smaller companies, and is regularly approached by talented entrepreneurs who need funding to help them scale up.

Investing in early-stage businesses that are EIS-qualifying gives investors the opportunity to claim a number of tax reliefs, such as 30% upfront income tax relief, tax-free growth, and loss relief.  The government offers EIS tax reliefs to encourage investment into early-stage businesses with high growth potential. Of course, ambitious growth means taking on significant risk.

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Venture Capital Trusts

Octopus is the UK's largest manager of Venture Capital Trusts1. VCTs offer investors access to some of the UK's most exciting high-growth businesses.

As an incentive for taking on the risk of investing in early-stage companies, VCTs offer several tax benefits, including income tax relief. This makes VCTs a flexible planning tool that can be used to help a broad range of clients, including landlords, self-employed business owners and anyone affected by restrictions to pension contributions.

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FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Fund

Helps investors looking for long-term growth from smaller companies.  The FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Fund invests in a portfolio of 50-80 smaller companies listed on the London Stock Exchange or Alternative Investment Market. 

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FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund

Targets long-term growth and an attractive divident yield. The fund complements more traditional UK equity income funds by investing in small and medium-sized companies alongside some of the UK's largest and most profitable names.

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Useful resouces

1 Tax Efficient Review, April 2020
2 Octopus Investments, 31 December 2020.

Please remember the risks:

  • The value of an Octopus investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise. Investors may not get back the full amount they invest.
  • Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and tax rules may change in the future.
  • Tax reliefs depend on the portfolio companies and VCTs maintaining their qualifying status.
  • Share of smaller companies and VCTs could fall or rise in value more than other shares listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. They may also be harder to sell.
  • For the FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund, fees will be deducted from capital, which will increase the amount of income available for distribution. However, this will erode capital and may hinder capital growth. Yield is not guaranteed.
Octopus investment products are not suitable for everyone. We do not offer investment or tax advice. Regarding VCTs, this advertisement is not a prospectus. Investors should only subscribe for shares based on information in the prospectus and Key Information Document (KID), which can be obtained from octopusinvestments.com

Regarding the FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Fund or FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund, investors should read the prospectus and Key Investor Information Document (KID) before deciding to invest. The Authorised Corporate Director of both funds is FundRock Partners Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority no. 469278, Registered Office: Cedar House, 3 Cedar Park, Cobham Road, Wimbourne, Dorset BH21 7SB. The prospectus, KID, KIID, SID, application forms and product brochures for the products above are available in English at octopusinvesments.com.

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