Hampden and Co

Hampden & Co is a private bank that bases its lending decisions on a client’s overall financial position.  They specialise in helping financially successful people who often have diverse or complex lending requirements and who can be overlooked by traditional high street or even specialist lenders.

They lend to individuals, their families and businesses, which can include limited companies and partnerships, as well as trusts and SIPPs.  And they are able to make decisions quickly using their own team of experienced bankers and in-house credit risk experts.

A Hampden & Co banker will meet with any prospective client to complete a full affordability assessment and to provide suitable advice, where applicable.


Lending Services from Hampden & Co

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Residential or Buy to Let mortgages

 Available from £500,000

Guarantor mortgages

 Available with close family member standing as guarantor or joint borrower / sole proprietor

Retirement Interest Only mortgages

 Available from age 55 to provide greater financial flexibility in later life

Lending against property portfolios

 Option for aggregate lending across portfolio. Also available to Limited Companies and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Downsizing or upsizing bridging

 Available at residential mortgage rates

SIPP lending

 Available when purchasing or refinancing commercial  property

Interest Only and Capital & Interest

 Part and part considered. Interest Only considered on a  case-by-case basis and subject to suitable repayment  strategy


Supporting different client needs

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Diverse, complex or irregular income streams

 E.g., pension income, property rental income, share portfolio income, dividend income, retained profit, repayment of director’s loans and future sale of assets

Borrowing in later life

 With no maximum age for lending, affordability is based on demonstration of sustainable sources of income and / or repayment strategy

Interest servicing deposits

 Can be considered to support affordability when lodged with Hampden & Co.  Each case is assessed individually

High Net Worth Exemption

 Considered where appropriate

Foreign income

 Considered as part of broader suite of income

UK citizens returning from abroad

 Can be considered prior to moving back to the UK


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Proc Fees

Product Gross Net Gross Min Gross Max
All products 0.50% 0.45%
Hampden & Co will pay a proc fee to Paradigm for all qualifying mortgage introductions
Hampden and Co

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