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We would very much appreciate your help in recognising and ultimately rewarding our Lender partners, who are so important to us all.  If you could spare just a few moments each month to vote for your favourite Lender in the various categories noted below, that would be fantastic. This will rightly help us to recognise the Lenders that you value the most across the year.

Please enter your details below and then select up to THREE lenders in each category. If any of the categories do not apply to you, or you don’t have a ‘favourite’, then you do not need to make a selection in that category.

To vote for your favourite providers, please click here

Best Overall Lender Choose up to 3

Best Residential Lender Choose up to 3

Best BTL Lender Choose up to 3

Best Equity Release Lender Choose up to 3

Best Specialist Lender Choose up to 3