The Exeter

As a mutual, we couldn’t be more friendly. We’re committed to working with you to grow your business and deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients. Put simply - you matter more.

Our multi award-winning proposition provides you with a range of products to meet your clients’ needs, including:


Income protection

Our Income First product provides first-class income protection for a wide range of occupations, from office-based professionals to manual workers and skilled trades.


Why Income First?

  • One product covering all occupations
  • Level premiums available to all occupations with a four week waiting period or longer 
  • Flexible waiting periods for NHS workers and teachers
  • No automatic medical evidence required for those under 42
  • Two options to fix the monthly benefit amount
  • The ability to increase benefit levels to meet changing needs, including flexibility for renters
  • Increased peace of mind for those changing jobs.
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Life cover

Real Life is designed to help your clients living with serious or multiple health conditions get the cover they need. Because we believe life cover shouldn’t be beyond anyone’s reach.

Why Real Life?
  • Cover for clients who may not be accepted elsewhere
  • Expert underwriting for even the most complex of cases
  • Flexible quote and apply journey 
  • A simple, signature-free process for placing policies into trust. 

Support for your clients

Our HealthWise app is free for members and their immediate family, giving convenient access to expert medical advice and treatments, including:
  • Remote GP appointments
  • Expert second medical opinions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental health support
  • Lifestyle and nutrition consultations
  • Registered dietitian consultations.
HealthWise is provided by Square Health.

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Support for you

To support you in your client conversations, our adviser toolkits provide you with all the resources you need to discuss protection insurance with your clients, including:
Income Protection
  • Our income risk calculator
  • Client email approach wording
  • Reasons why editor
  • Objection handling tips 
  • Sales aids, and much more!
  • Real Life client profiles 
  • Client email approach wording
  • Reasons why editor
  • BMI rating calculator (include when live)
  • Sales aids, and much more!
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The Exeter


How to Register

If you are setting up agencies for the first time with providers

Click here to register with the Exeter. This gives you the option to register as directrly authorised or an appointed representative firm. The Exeter's system uses a firm's FCA number, and will automatically link firms to networks and advisers to the firms.

If you are an adviser to a firm that already has agencies

Click here to register as an individual adviser. The Exeter's system will link you to your firm's master agency via the FCA number.

If you have applied for an agency and need to be setup on a provider’s online system

Following the application, you will receive an email listing your username and a link to set up the password.