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Paradigm are not only here to help you develop a profitable and compliant business. Through ‘The Agency’, we can also assist with sale and acquisition transactions when the time is right for you.

With our 3 step plan, we can help you build, prepare for sale and maximise the value for your business on exit.

We can also help you find a buyer for your business and, if you are a firm looking to acquire, we can help you to find selling firms that fit with your criteria.


Build your business

5+ Years to Sale

The best time to start thinking about maximising the value of your business is NOW! This process can take many forms, but building your business on a solid compliance footing and using technology to simplify and add efficiencies to your advice process, record keeping, client interaction and marketing can all help to make your business more attractive to any prospective buyer.

Most importantly, these steps will help to drive greater profitability in your business as we see more and more acquiring firms basing deals on profit multiples as well as the historic formulae of income multiples. This is especially prevalent in the ‘Buy & Build’ space, where acquirers are buying businesses who are still in their growing phase and where the business owners' thoughts are far from retirement yet keen to develop their business to its full potential.

How can Paradigm help you in building a compliant and profitable business?

  • Regular engagement with our compliance Consultants – Subscribe to dedicated time with our Consultants to ensure all your compliance processes are watertight. We can also provide a review of your client base to ensure all clients are ‘profitable’ within your business model
  • Ensure suitability of Advice – Paradigm can review your advice to help ensure this meets the regulator’s expectations of suitable advice, thereby increasing the appeal of your business to any potential buyer
  • CPD Academy – Free* access to our CPD Academy to ensure your staff are always up to date and providing the best possible advice and service
  • Regulatory Updates – To keep your staff fully informed and ahead of any regulatory changes
  • Rebates – Engage with Paradigm Mortgage Services and Paradigm Protect to maximise the profitability on your mortgage and protection business through our market leading mortgage rebates and protection terms
  • Preferential PI Terms – Enquire about how being a Client Firm of Paradigm means you can benefit from our dedicated PI arrangement
  • Third Party Technology – Take advantage of discounted access to various industry leading software tools to help increase efficiencies in your business
* First two CPD Academy licences are free.

for more information on how we can work together to help your business maximise its full potential

Preparing for sale

Exit Within 5 Years

At this stage, business owners will be looking to ensure their business affairs are in order, their business is producing a good profit, their clients are receiving the correct advice and all compliance processes are firmly embedded.

All of these factors make a business more attractive to a buyer and Paradigm can help to sense check how well prepared you might be to sell:

  • Health Check – We can audit all of your compliance processes to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide a solid compliance culture which will be attractive to any potential buyer
  • Due Diligence – We can review your advice in order to demonstrate a solid back book of suitable advice exists for any potential buyer to purchase
  • Improvement – We can help identify areas which may need some improvement in order for them to be attractive to a buyer. This is the time to work with Paradigm to address these areas
  • Profitability – We can assist you to drive efficiencies through your business as well as identify potential cost savings and what makes a profitable client base

Mortgage Firms Preparing for Sale

When selling a business, it can be difficult to quantify the value in a mortgage client bank. As mortgages are transactional, forecasting future revenue can be very subjective. Mortgage Doc AI transforms your data into fully operational structured data, correct client data sets and projections on future revenue which could be invaluable information for a potential acquirer and give you the selling edge over others.

Looking to acquire a mortgage firm?

A mortgage client bank can be difficult to put a value on due to its transactional make up. Mortgage Doc AI will provide you an at a glance overview of the breakdown of the client bank, allowing you to better predict future revenues and have access to up to 60 brand new data points that are fully compliant. As an acquiring firm, this can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to accurately assessing a firm’s value.

For more information on how we can help you to ensure your business is ready for sale, please contact us

Once you are satisfied that your business is in the best possible shape it can be, then it’s time to find a buyer

Maximising Value on Exit - Finding a suitable buyer or seller

In this phase, The Agency is a ‘match-making’ facility where firms can register as either buyers or sellers, with a view to matching with other firms who are looking to buy or sell their businesses.


As a selling firm, you may be looking for an exit from the industry, considering stepping back from leading a business, looking to merge with another firm in order to expand your services or partner with an equity investor with a view to driving your business further forward.


As a buying firm, you may be looking to acquire in order to develop a footprint across a wider geographical area, build on the assets your firm has under management or expand your services into new areas.

Whatever the reason, The Agency is here to help you match with like-minded firms who see the world the way you do.


It is quick and easy to register for this phase of The Agency. Simply register here. Once registered, you’ll be able to complete either a Sellers or a Buyers fact find, or both. It is important that all fact finds are fully completed in order to be considered for our matchmaking process. Full instructions on how to complete and save the fact finds are provided once you register. Once completed, the information you provide will be formatted into a report which can be shared with matching firms.

Buying & Selling Questions

We would be delighted to have an initial, no obligation discussion with you where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss with you the following:

5 Top Tips for sellers

5 Top Tips for buyers

What are the main drivers for sellers/buyers?

What are the main mistakes that sellers and buyers can avoid?

How do you value an IFA and/or a mortgage business?

What are the main value drivers of a business?



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