Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty Support

The Consumer Duty rules have now come into effect. We’re still here to help your firm navigate this regulatory change. Find out more about the support available here.

Mike Allison
Since launching the Protection business in 2014, my focus has always been on offering Directly Authorised firms the most comprehensive Protection & GI proposition. To achieve this, I work closely with Providers to secure market leading commercial terms for our firms and broaden our offering by adding niche Providers and new market entrants to panel. But the support available from Paradigm goes far beyond this; we can assist with helping firms to start writing Protection business where you previously haven’t, or referring business that you just don’t have the time for. We can also support you with: the provision of technology, keeping you informed of technological developments in the Protection world, ideas to create efficiencies in your business, and suggestions for marketing your business to generate leads… All of which mean you have more time for doing what you do best - giving quality, compliant advice.

Mike Allison

Director of Protection


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