We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist financial services solutions, completely focused on meeting the needs of people thinking about, approaching, or in retirement.

We have a strong social purpose - a beacon within financial services. We provide products and services that help our customers achieve a better later life and believe that financial intermediaries are best placed to help people with the choices they need to make to achieve this.


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Lifetime Mortgages
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Guaranteed Income for Life (provided by a pension annuity)
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Care Plans
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HUB Referral Solutions  
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Outstanding service   

We're committed to supporting financial intermediaries, and we're consistently recognised for providing excellent service:   

  • We were awarded a sixteenth consecutive '5-star' accolade in the 'Pensions and Protection' (formerly 'Life and Pensions') category at the 2020 Financial Adviser Service Awards.

  • We were awarded a thirteenth consecutive accolade in the 'Mortgage Lenders and Packagers' category at the 2020 Financial Adviser Service Awards.

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There’s now more choice than ever for clients who are approaching retirement or already retired. We recognise that financial intermediaries are the architect of clients’ retirement plans. As the expert you’re able to consider alternatives and recommend a product mix that provides secure and flexible income to last a lifetime. As a retirement specialist provider, you can depend on us to support you with first-class service.

Just is a trading name of Just Retirement Limited, Just Retirement Money Limited, and Partnership Life Assurance Company Limited which are subsidiary companies of Just Group plc. For more details about the Just Group please visit: www.justgroupplc.co.uk

a) Guaranteed income for life (provided by a pension annuity)

This solution is designed to give your clients an income that's guaranteed, unaffected by interest rate changes or stock market fluctuations and can:

  • take into account lifestyle information and health factors, as everyone qualifies for their own individual personalised underwritten rate;

  • include a guarantee period of up to 30 years

  • incorporate value protection; and

  • be used as part of your client's broader retirement plan in conjunction with a suitably constructed investment portfolio.

Experts in underwriting

From basic information, such as postcode, height and weight, marital status and lifestyle factors to more serious health conditions, your clients could achieve more retirement income by using our individual underwriting. You can read more about this here.

As underwriting experts we consider over 1,500 health and lifestyle conditions, so that each client receives a rate that accurately reflects their personal circumstances.

We were delighted to be awarded Best Annuity Service at the 2019 Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards.

Retirement advice framework

Helping people plan at retirement is very different from helping people save for retirement.

In the accumulation phase, people save from income to build capital, usually over a fixed-term, and with regular saving, can benefit from pound cost averaging. In the decumulation phase, capital is coverted to income.  The time horizon in unknown and the opposite of pound cost averaging, commonly called 'pound cost ravaging', can be devastating. 

Get information that will help make your retirement processes more robust here.

Find out more about:

Providing a guaranteed income for life
Medical terms
How to get a fully underwritten quote

Why not try our tools?

Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Calculator - Based on a stochastic model developed by global actuarial firm, Milliman this calculator shows how partial annuitisation could improve a client's income sustainability and death benefits at the end of a selected term.
Longevity Calculator - help your clients get an indication of how likely they are to live to certain ages.
Retirement Budget Planner - help your clients understand income sources and expenditure through retirement.
Pension Taxation Calculator - work out how much income tax your client will have to pay if they take their pension fund as cash.  Ask your dedicated Just contact for more information here.

b) Secure Lifetime Income

Introducing Secure Lifetime Income - a new approach to retirement income

We've designed a new ground-breaking retirement income solution to help your clients achieve the flexibility and security many of them desire from their retirement income plan.
Secure Lifetime Income (SLI) enables you to offer your clients guaranteed income for life within a SIPP, where you do business - on platform.

This means you can easily incorporate an element of guaranteed income alongside whatever investment strategies you use with your drawdown clients to produce a more sustainable retirement income.  Find out more here.

Secure Lifetime Income offers benefits to you and your clients

This exciting solution offers a variety of benefits for you and your clients including:

Client Benefits

  • Guaranteed income for life - SLI provides an individually underwritten guaranteed income which takes account of your client's individual health and lifestyle.
  • A legacy on death - SLI provides protection against death early in retirement by offering an automatic lump sum death benefit for a set period.
  • A cash-in option - should your client's circumstances change significantly during the set cash-in value period.
  • Simplicity - all retirement assets held in one place with a single P60 and a single portfolio view.
  • Tax efficiency - income and any death benefit is paid into the SIPP enabling clients to choose when to withdraw income for tax efficiency.
Adviser Benefits


  • A modern way to meet your client's secure income needs - opportunities for tax panning and income management on platform
  • Business efficiency - a process designed to work with your business and investment management models with an online underwriting, quote and apply process
  • Ongoing de-risking option - progressively de-risk your client portfolios as they get older, and their risk appetite and capacity for loss changes
  • Tax planning opportunities - the flexibility to advise how and when income is taken to match client need and minimise tax.
Our new Secure Lifetime Income is currently only available through Novia. 

Watch the demo video or go to Novia where you can also find out more.  Alternatively, ask your dedicated Just contact for more information here.

Helping your clients release tax-free cash from their homes

As more people live longer and want to make the most of their retirement years, their pension savings may have to stretch further than they had initially planned.  Whether they need to find additional sources of funds or boost their income, lifetime mortgages could be the solution they're looking for.

The Just For You Lifetime Mortgage is designed to allow an initial lump sum release with the added flexibility of a cash facility, which clients can use to release extra amounts in the future. Our lifetime mortgage also provides an option to pay some or all of the monthly interest amount at a reduced rate to the roll-up interest rate, helping to manage the overall cost of the loan amount.

Using our expert underwriting capability gives your clients the potential to borrow an even higher amount based on their medical and lifestyle conditions.

Why not try our tools?

Indicative Lifetime Mortgage Calculator - show your clients the total amount they could release from their property.
Medical Enhancement Calculator - gives your clients with an indication of the maximum amount they could borrow when their health and lifestyle is taken into account.
Cash Facility Calculator - allows you to estimate the amount that your client could release from their property and the amount of any remaining cash facility.
Interest Serviced Calculator - help your clients decide whether it's appropriate for them to make monthly payments. Our tools provide an indicative figure, and do not constitute an illustration.
Cashback calculator - see how your clients can use cashbacks to access more funds, or possibly reduce the cost of borrowing.

Ask your dedicated Just contact for more information here.

Insurance products designed to help meet the costs of long term care

Meeting the cost of residential and nursing care in old age is a growing issue for more people in the UK.

According to the 2016 Office of National Statistics report - the number of over 85s in the UK is projected to double from 1.6 million in 2017 up to 3.2 million by 2041. In fact, in 2016, there were already 14,500 UK centenarians.  And 46,000 women aged 60 and 52,000 men aged 40 in 2016 are expected to survive to 100.

While the State can help with some costs, eligibility for help is limited and many people find that the value of their income and/or assets take them over the threshold for that State support. So it’s important to understand the range of financial options available to your clients.

We’re a market leading supplier of insurance solutions to fund care fees tax-free (if paid to a registered care provider) for as long as the client lives, and offer two plans (Immediate Care Plan and Deferred Care Plan) that can be tailored to a client's needs. Our ability to take account of health issues when pricing our plans means we may be able to provide enhanced levels of income to those looking for help to meet care fees.

Please note there is no return of any money from our plans if death occurs after the first six months, unless capital protection has been selected.

To find out more about the different elements of our care plans please click on the links below:

Paying for Long Term Care – all plans are individually underwritten and based on the circumstances of each client
Getting started in Care – an overview of our care plans and the support we can offer
Immediate Care Plan – a lifetime of income to help pay for care fees
Deferred Care Plan – cover the cost of care fees from a date in the future
Care funding plan benefits and risks – to safeguard some of your client’s original investment

To contact our Care Funding Support Team 0333 043 7040* (option 2) or email [email protected]

Advise or refer, don't ignore!

At Just, we recognise there are likely to be clients that you are unable to help.

Typically this is driven by advice costs being prohibitive, or the fact that clients need specialist advice.

Now there’s an easy way for you to help more clients at the push of a button.

HUB Referral Solutions is a referral service for financial intermediaries, provided by HUB Financial Solutions – part of Just Group.

The service makes it easy for you to refer clients to a trusted partner if they don’t fit into your business model. It covers:

  • Retirement income planning - for clients with smaller pension pots

  • Equity release advice - for clients who want to unlock some of the equity in their home, and

  • Care funding advice - for clients who want to reduce the uncertainty of paying for long-term care.

If you make a referral to HUB Financial Solutions, they’ll always respect the fact that it’s your client. That means they’ll keep you up to date on your client’s progress every step of the way and never cross-sell without your permission.

And for every case that’s completed, you’ll receive an introducer fee.

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