TorFX have been making international bank-to-bank currency transfers simple, secure and hassle-free since 2004.


It’s a common misconception that TorFX predominately assist overseas clients.  79% of TorFX’s clients reside in the UK.


TorFX specialise in supporting financial professionals with their clients’ currency requirements and are currently supporting over 9,000 advisers across the UK.


TorFX assist both personal and business clients, their minimum transfer amount is only £100 (no maximum).  Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager to look after their requirements and can move 40+ currencies to over 120 countries.

Clients also gain access to:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • No transfer fees
  • Expert insights
  • Specialist services, like forward contracts, rate alerts, and currency wallets
  • 24/7 transfers online and by app

 When could your clients benefit from using TorFX?

•    Art/antiques/collectibles
•    Bill payments
•    Business invoices
•    Buying a vehicle (car/boat/plane/etc.)
•    Buying products/services (website design, bloodstock, machinery, etc.)
•    Buying property abroad (deposit/balance)
•    Selling property abroad
•    Property maintenance, repairs, building
•    Regular mortgage payments
•    Charitable donation
•    Dividend payments
•    Emigration
•    Sending funds to family
•    Freight
•    Fund projects
•    Holiday
•    Inheritance
•    Inter-company transfer
•    Making/selling investment
•    Invoice payment
•    Land
•    Living expenses
•    Luxury item purchase (watches, jewellery, etc.)
•    Payment from a customer
•    Pension/QROPS
•    Salary
•    Single Farm Payments
•    Study fees
•    Travel expenses

7 years running

TorFX’s currency experts, market-leading online service and personal approach have helped them win the Moneyfacts Consumer ‘International Money Transfer Provider of the Year’ award a record-breaking seven times (2016 - 2022). They've also won the Moneyfacts ‘Best Customer Service’ award six times (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).


In July 2022, TorFX conducted a survey via the (full results here) which found that 96% of respondents (advisers) could identify clients that handle different currencies, however only 33% will ask their clients about their currency requirements.

Partnership Manager

TorFX will assign you a dedicated Partnership Manager to conduct a 5-10 minute introduction call to bring you up to speed with their service provision and referral service.  Your Partnership Manager will assist you in identifying possible referrals as well as providing personalised, client-facing marketing materials.

Getting Started

To learn more, discuss a client case or obtain an exchange rate quote call 01736 335740 or e-mail [email protected] to be introduced to your assigned Partnership Manager.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling straight away, click here to register for a referral account.

TorFX have created 30 minutes of structured CPD, designed to help bridge any knowledge gaps of the foreign exchange market and enable more confident conversations with clients about the different currencies that they handle.  Click here to enrol for access to TorFX’s CPD.

Moneyfacts International Money Transfer Provider of the Year
Moneyfacts Best Customer Service