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People | Purpose | Profit

Something happens when people come together. From the connections we make spring ideas. Fresh solutions to big problems, from how to grow our crops and heat our homes, to how to support businesses and drive the economy. And from solutions like these flow opportunities to create value. 

We call it the Triple Point. It’s the place where people, purpose, and profit meet. Since 2004, we’ve been targeting this Triple Point in areas like infrastructure, energy efficiency and social housing, unlocking investment opportunities that make a difference. Big problems create strong demand. 

Strong demand drives good investments. 
Good investments solve big problems. 

It means that investors never have to choose between financial returns and social impact. You achieve one by achieving the other.

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Investment Opportunities

Estate Planning Solutions
Investing for future generations

Triple Point's Estate Planning Solutions target predictable returns and capital growth by investing in businesses that are eligible for Business Relief. These investments create value by enabling public and private sector organisations to acquire assets, deliver services and support UK growth and employment.

Triple Point manages a number of estate planning services, including the Triple Point Estate Planning Service (TPEPS). Investments made through TPEPS are eligible for Business Relief after a maximum of two years and currently provide investors with access to TP Leasing Ltd and/or Navigator Trading Ltd.

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Triple Point Venture Fund
Transformational Investing

The Venture Fund looks to maximise financial returns by investing in innovative early-stage businesses typically at the point of market validation. Triple Point has provided over £400m of funding to 130 VCT/EIS companies to date and continues to seek to partner with the very best industry experts, innovation specialists and venture capitalists who will work proactively with high-potential early-stage businesses that are actively solving challenges for established corporates.

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Triple Point Income Service
Predictable Income from Direct Lending

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Triple Point Social Housing REIT (ticker: SOHO)
The Value of Home

Private capital is helping to solve the UK housing crisis by providing homes to people with care and support needs.  For socially minded investors, investing in social housing represents an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on society at the same time as generating sustainable income.

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Triple Point Energy Transition (ticker: TENT)
Achieving more from less

Triple Point Energy Transition plc ("TENT") is an investment trust listed on the Specialist Fund Segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange which aims to have a positive environmental impact by investing in assets that support the transition to a low carbon, more efficient energy system and help the UK achieve Net Zero. We target UK-based assets with high quality counterparties to ensure our shareholders receive an attractive, longterm income source with a positive impact.

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Triple Point Digital 9 Infrastructure (ticker: DGI9)
Critical Infrastructure for our connected world

Investing in resilient digital infrastructure is crucial to driving our interconnected world, underpinning economic growth and sustainable development. The global demand for improved speed, reliability and accessibility of data is driving exponential growth in the vast digital infrastructure market. By investing in a diversified portfolio of critical Digital Infrastructure assets, Digital 9 Infrastructure plc. will contribute to improving global digital communications whilst targeting sustainable income and capital growth for investors.

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