More about DocSAFE

A cloud-based, secure client portal

ISO-accredited DocSAFE is an IFA solution offering many secure, efficient and professional benefits to you as an IFA and your clients. A cloud-based, secure client portal complete with online signing, many thousands of professional firms use it daily for their communications with clients, practice management and internal processes.

DocSAFE allows you to exchange, collaborate, sign online and store documents in the cloud. Unlike email the documents don’t have to leave DocSAFE - you alert your client that something is there for them and they retrieve it themselves. The security levels of DocSAFE are the most popular reason for choosing it. It is GDPR compliant and eliminates any risk of human error in communicating sensitive information.

We will provide a free demonstration of the system and talk through what is available and how it might suit your organisation.

Specifically for IFAs and the kind of work you do, DocSAFE is:

  • easy to use
  • priced very attractively
  • secure
  • accessible across all devices
  • ISO-accredited
  • packed full of features – sign online, fill in forms, upload multiple documents as a single pdf, client status reports, reminders and much more
  • the perfect alternative to unsafe email

It boasts many layers of constantly evolving security, including 2-factor authentication, encryption and QR codes. You choose who can access any part of the portal.

DocSafe in a nutshell:

  • Functionality: Online signing, collaboration, document exchange - better than email
  • Security: Multiple layers, encryption, QR codes - constantly updated
  • Compliance: GDPR, legal online signing, ISO27001 accredited – always evolving
  • Professionalism: A branded, easy to use, powerful portal - impressive
  • Easy access: Sits on your website or via its own app, available wherever there is an internet connection – for wherever you are
  • The housekeeping: Without thinking you have storage, backups, audit trails, automatic reminders and status reports – the admin is done for you

We can provide client reference sites if required.