Supervisor Course

Paradigm Supervisor Course - Helping you to be a competent and effective supervisor

We are running two more courses in 2021, which will be run over two consecutive mornings from 09.30am -12:30pm on:

  • 30th September and 1st October
  • 9th December and 10th December
Step What you need to do What service you will receive Cost
Step 1

Pre-course assessment

  1. Send us your T & C plan (by email)
  2. Complete the multiple-choice assessment based on your own T & C plan
  3. Complete the multiple-choice assessment on the SM&CR training material
  4. Complete the file review assessment
  5. Complete the online Fact Find and Product Presentation observation assessment.
  6. Attend the SM&CR compliant Supervisor course
  • All learning material and assessment forms to allow you to complete the pre-course evaluation.
  • You will receive written personalised feedback, to highlight any identified training needs in order to fully prepare you for the SM&CR compliant supervisor course.

£650 VAT for the first attendee. Subsequent places are charged at £250 + VAT

This cost covers steps 1 and 2


Step 2

Supervisor Training and assessment day


  1. Attend and participate in the SM&CR compliant  Paradigm supervisor training course
  2. Up-date your training plan and CPD records
  3. Follow the preparation guidance if you wish to continue to step 3 and be assessed as a competent supervisor
  • Two half day online sessions of training around SM&CR and T & C issues
  • A copy of the slides and a range of handout material
  • Full preparation for your ‘follow up’ in-house assessment, should you choose to continue to step 3
Please see above
Step 3


Post course follow up assessment

  1. Complete an ‘in-house’ Fact Find and Product Presentation observations and have your evidence and feedback prepared and ready for assessment
  2. Complete an ‘in-house’ file review assessment and have your evidence and feedback prepared and ready for assessment
  3. Prepare for an ‘in-house’121 and KPI review meeting, in preparation for an assessment with your Paradigm Business Consultant (BC)
  • Following the in-house assessment, you will be provided with written evidence and feedback to enable your firm to assess you as “competent”

£900 + VAT (or swap one of your BC days arranged with Paradigm).


What happens next
  1. You should maintain your knowledge using training plans and CPD records from updates provided in Target, technical and file review updates and from attendance at future Best Practice meetings
  2. Follow Paradigm guidance on how to construct your own T & C plan.
  3. Train all staff on the changes to the new T&C plan and ESMA rules.
  4. Follow your own T & C plan.
  • We will continue to support your firm as detailed in your service agreement
  • On-going updates will be supplied as normal from Target, file reviews and technical updates, as well as the option to attend future Best Practice events.
£ As arranged

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please email Graeme Stewart [email protected]

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