Coventry for intermediaries


Welcome to the certainty you seek

Our expert, knowledgeable people are here to give you the certainty you’ve been looking for. The clarity, confidence and reassurance you need to deliver for your customers.
Because you, brokers, are there for all kinds of people. You care. And we’re the same. It matters to you, so it matters to us.


Our commitments to you

We’ll give you the information you need when you need it. Because you’ll always be connected to an expert. A dedicated support team and two BDMs will be on hand to help and advocate. We’ll always tell you exactly what you need from the off, and only ask you for additional documents if we really can’t do without them.

We’ll be proactive and helpful in every conversation. This will always begin with a quick response, leading to a conversation that’s as long as you need it to be. Our decisions will come with reasons whenever it’s possible. And if something were to change that might affect your case, we’ll call and let you know straight away.

We’ll use tech to speed up common sense, but not replace it. Any comms we send you will be clear, timely and useful. Whether we’re talking over the phone or through webchat, you can be sure that it’s a real person on the other end. And if a product ever gets withdrawn, you’ll have two days’ notice.

We’ll recognise that your clients are your clients. So, at maturity, we’ll let you know before we contact them with their options, which will always include returning to their original broker. And you can rest assured that we’ll never cross-sell any insurance products to them directly. That’s not our style.


A quick overview of our offering

Residential – Whether they’re looking for flexible product features or a variety of rates, our Standard Residential products can offer your clients a range of LTVs, variety of product fee options and several features.
Buy to Let – Godiva Mortgages Limited is your dedicated Buy to Let (BTL) provider through Coventry for intermediaries. We offer support for you and your clients, providing a strong BTL product range with excellent service and our industry expertise.
First time buyers – Help your clients to purchase their first home and get a foot on the property ladder with a mortgage from our first time buyer range.
Self-employed – We’re experienced in lending to directors of limited companies, sole traders and daily rate contractors, making us a good choice for self-employed clients.
Product transfers – You can submit like-for-like product transfers online making managing and submitting cases simple, quick and easy. There are no forms to fill in and we pay 0.30% proc fees. We have a wide range of products available for existing customers (all lending is subject to current product terms, lending policy, product availability and eligibility). Our maturity letters will point your clients directly back to you to complete their Product Transfer, meaning that your clients remain your clients.
Interest-only mortgages – Our Interest-only product range includes fixed rate and Offset mortgages that could be a great choice for many of your residential clients (subject to eligibility, LTV and lending policy).
On all of our mortgage transactions your clients can also now apply for our Green Together Reward which offers them £500 for making eligible Green improvements to their home.


Our simple Offset

We’re a great choice for Offset mortgages, and here’s why:

  • We keep it simple unlike others, we only have one savings account linked to the mortgage
  • Your clients can apply to borrow more at the same rate (subject to eligibility, LTV and lending policy)
  • Your client has easy access to their savings via online, telephone banking and ATMs


Supporting Portfolio landlord

If your client has four or more mortgaged Buy to Let properties they’re defined as a portfolio landlord. We have a streamlined application process and here’s why:

  • A simple, straightforward process. Complete just one portfolio landlord spreadsheet which has automated calculations, to confirm if the application fits our criteria
  • We know your time is precious. That’s why there’s no need to do an AIP, just go straight to a full application and there’s no need to submit a business plan
  • Familiarity is key. That’s why our standard BTL policy and simple ICR criteria also applies to portfolio landlords
  • An experienced team. We have a dedicated team of portfolio landlord underwriters that really understand the market and ensure quick case progression


The certainty you’ve been seeking – it’s here

Your peace of mind – and reputation – are always our priorities. It’s what striving to be the UK’s best mortgage provider means. Our aim is for every part of your professional world to work all together, better.
There’s one place where you can come to get all the certainty you need: Coventry for intermediaries.

For more information about us, visit or call us on 0800 121 7788 (please check our website for opening hours).



Proc Fees

Product Gross Net Gross Min Gross Max
Standard 0.43% 0.40% No min £15,000
BTL 0.43% 0.40% No min £15,000
Product Transfer 0.30% 0.28% No Min £15,000
Residential Further Advance 0.43% 0.40% No min £15,000
BTL Further Advance 0.43% 0.40% No min £15,000


How to Register

Registering for the first time:

To start the registration process, please call the Coventry Intermediaries support team on 0800 121 7788. After giving basic company information, you will be sent an email containing a company registration form, and a broker registration form for any individuals looking to also be registered. Please ensure you select Paradigm as a payment route. Once this has been received, you should be contacted within 24 working hours with login details to access their website.

Add Paradigm as payment route:

Call 0800 121 7788 or email Coventry requesting to add Paradigm.