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Why not try our Annual Profit Share case study and calculator to show you what your potential earnings could be by using Paradigm as your payment route when you place mortgage business? 

By inputting the number of Residential and BTL loans that you do per month, the calculator will use Paradigm average case sizes to work out the potential Annual Profit Share that you could receive from Paradigm. The figure that you see is based on receiving half of the average override Paradigm earns per case. For a more accurate calculation, where we can use your specific average case sizes, please don’t hesitate to call the team on 03300 536061.

What's more, you can also earn more in the Annual Profit Share scheme by submitting General Insurance, Equity Release and Conveyancing business via Paradigm! These aren’t included in the case study and the calculator, so you can easily earn even more than the figures displayed.

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A case study to demonstrate your Annual Profit Share earnings potential

Cases per month written via Paradigm Average loan size Average retained fee earned
10 Residential loans 232,200 0.024%
4 BTL loans 175,250 0.05%

Your Annual Profit Share from Paradigm would be*


NB: This is based upon Paradigm average case sizes and is intended for illustration purposes

calculate what your Annual Profit Share might be with Paradigm based on the volumes you write*

*Please note the total shown is based on receiving half of the override Paradigm earns per case.

Annual Profit Share: FAQ

For every case placed via Paradigm that we receive a retained fee for, we will pay half back to you so you will earn more per case. In rare circumstances where we pay out the full gross fee as a net fee or where the full minimum fee is paid out (e.g. Natwest you get the full £250), then you wouldn’t receive anything because we don’t get a retained fee.

This does not just apply to mortgages, you can also earn a retained fee via equity release, conveyancing and general insurance cases when placed via Paradigm and a retained fee is earned.

The only thing we do not share a retained fee with is protection business. However, our net terms are market leading with the Providers and we generally take a 3% split which is less than other clubs.
The Profit Share year runs from May 1st to April 30th the following year. All retained fees received in this time contribute to the scheme. We process all of these and generate a statement which is audited and then issued usually around the last week in August or first week in September. Once we have issued a statement, we will then be able to pay out as soon as you confirm that you’re happy that the statement is correct and return a signed declaration form to this effect.
All Profit Share fees which are under £1000 are subject to a £15 admin fee. This fee is waived if you have accrued over £1000.
An Annual Profit Share statement is only automatically generated if you have accrued over £250, so if this has not been reached, we will not issue one to you unless requested. We can create one for you as a one off if you did want to claim the money.
There is a guide of how to get Paradigm added as a payment route for each of our Lenders here.
For more information, please call our offices on 03300 536061 with any questions and we will do our best to help.