Referral Partners

Paradigm are always looking for new ways to develop the support that we offer to our member firms. As we continue to evolve the proposition, we have taken on board feedback from members and are delighted to now offer new opportunities for firms in the Later Life Lending (including Equity Release) and Large Loan space.

We have worked to establish new referral options for you here, where you will be able to access other trusted Paradigm member firms to access specialist advice in these areas. Following consultations with many advisers and business owners, it became clear that such a service may be of interest, for example, if your firm does not have the permissions, proposition or service charter in these two more specialist areas. You may wish to refer your client to an existing Paradigm firm, with a no cross sale guarantee, where your client can continue to get the support of an intermediary firm such as your own.

As you will know, offering a service that captures all areas of mortgage finance is imperative under the Consumer Duty rules. This might be where you don’t have the relevant permissions and qualifications, or the desire to increase the cost of your PI cover, as well as putting the work in to develop connections required to offer Equity Release or a large loans service.

We have therefore created a panel of intermediary partners who have gone through a rigorous due diligence process so that you can have confidence when referring cases to them, knowing your clients will be in good hands. This can also act as an excellent signposting service under Consumer Duty.

The firms listed below can help with your clients who require Equity Release (or later life lending) advice or a Large Loan. They will always work with you and your clients both confidentially and ethically.

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  • Large Loans Referral
  • Equity Release Referral

From a commercial perspective, establishing these relationships can allow you to secure an income via a referral fee (a percentage of the commission payable on completion which has been set by Paradigm), where you might otherwise have had to turn the customer away.

All of the contact details that you will need to get started can be found on the individual firm pages listed above. Please liaise with the firm directly regarding establishing a relationship and agreement.

If you would like to find out more or have questions about how this will work, please contact your Relationship Manager – if you’re unsure who this is, you can use our Relationship Manager finder here or request a call back here.

Richard Howes
We felt that the wide and diverse set of skills our partner firms possess could be harnessed in such a way that helps our wider membership. As the mortgage market gets ever more complicated given many clients have increasingly different issues becoming a general practitioner in the market can get increasingly difficult. Being able to refer a potential case in this area can enable the relationship to continue as well as continuing a service by utilising the experience and contact points our referral firms have developed over many years.

Richard Howes

Director of Mortgages
Christine Newell

As firms were preparing for the implementation of the Consumer Duty, it became evident that firms have gaps in their propositions that they are unable to fulfill due to increased cost, resources and time.  In my time in the industry it comes back to brokers like working with similar like minded people.  By bringing together this referral proposition we are facilitating these two things for our membership, giving them options and enabling them to fulfill their requirements under the Consumer Duty without further costs.

Christine Newell

Mortgage Technical Director