Equity Release

Paradigm have established a panel of equity release providers, later life lenders and two selected referral partners, who between them deliver a wide choice from the full range of equity release and later life lending products available today.

The support and commitment of the chosen strategic partners to Paradigm’s model ensures that our member firms will receive the very best in service, support and remuneration. As a reminder, all equity release and later life mortgage cases that are submitted via Paradigm will contribute to our Profit Share scheme.

For full details on each of the varying provider propositions, please click on the logos below.

Please note, the referral service offered by Key Partnerships and HUB Financial Solutions are offered assuming all relevant avenues for “standard advice” has been explored and you are comfortable and confident your client may be advised to take out an Equity Release product.

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Equity Release Commission Terms

Download commission terms

Lifetime Mortgage Provider
Gross Proc fee
Net Proc fee
Retained Fee
Aviva 2.25% 2.25% £60
Aviva - reserve 0.75% 0.75% £60
Canada Life 2.50% 2.30% 0.20%
Canada Life - Landlord Options and Second Homes range 2.30% 2.10% 0.20%
Just 2.00% 2.00% (Min £600) £60
LV= 1.50% 1.30% 0.20%
More 2 Life 2.35% 2.25% 0.10%

Legal & General Home Finance 

* This will apply to all products except the Premier Black range which will remain at 2%.

2.85%* 2.7% (Min £500, Max £10,000) 0.15% (£25 minimum per case)
Pure Retirement 2.50% 2.30%  
Referral Service
Gross Net Override
Key Partnership 36% (of proc fee received by the chosen lender) 33%  
HUB Financial Solutions 1.75% (of loan amount) 1.72% (Gross min £750) £50

Equity Release Registration

Please follow the instructions below in order to register with our panel of Equity Release providers. Please state that you are a Paradigm member to ensure that your account is set up correctly.

Lender Registration Enquiries/quotes
Aviva To place Equity Release business with Aviva, you can use your existing Aviva agency code. If you do not already have one, please register online via their website 0800 015 0967
Canada Life Register with Canada Life (formerly Retirement Advantage) by going to their website. Please state that you are a Paradigm member. 0345 606 0708
[email protected]
Just Call or email to get registered. 0345 302 2287
[email protected]
LV= Download the 'How to Do Business with LV=' guide.
Please mention that you are a Paradigm firm.

0800 028 8974

[email protected]

Legal & General Please register online via their website.
Download the relevant application form and return to Legal & General Home Finance with your Initial Disclosure Document.
Please mention that you are a Paradigm firm.
03330 048 444
[email protected]
More2Life Register with more2life on their fastpath portal. For details on how to add Paradigm as your payment route, read their guide here.

03454 500 151
[email protected]

Pure Retirement Please register via the website here and specify Paradigm under the “how did you hear about us” question.  0113 3660 599