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Paradigm offers members access to our highly commended Mortgage Helpdesk team, who are on hand to support members with general mortgage enquiries and help placing complex cases. If you are struggling to place a case for a client, you can call our Mortgage Helpdesk to get some guidance on which Lenders could assist, saving you a lot of time compared to doing this research yourself.  

Once registered as a Paradigm member, you can contact Diane, Adam, Gio and Katrina via the telephone helpline 03300 536061 or via the email [email protected], where they endeavour to respond to your enquiry within two business hours.

In addition to this, the Mortgage Helpdesk create hints and tips guides, our monthly newsletter the Criteria Corner and regularly update our product guides and criteria grids, to help our members maximise their efficiency. They also provide supporting content to our quarterly newsletters which are regularly emailed out to members and can be viewed here.

Paradigm also produce relevant regulatory bulletins and eBooks which are made available to all intermediaries, topics covered include the SM&CR, mortgage fraud and the IDD. You can view these under the Regulation tab on our website.

Don't forget that to benefit from the Paradigm profit share scheme, you will need to use Paradigm as your payment route when you submit mortgage business to a Lender. If you haven't already done so, you can find a guide on how to add Paradigm here.

Criteria Corner

Criteria Corner

June - Interest Only


As always, we must advise that criteria does regularly change and therefore it is always prudent to double check with a Lender prior to submitting an application. Lenders provided are based on findings at the time of research and may not include every option available.

Gio Chanda

Gio is part of the Mortgage Helpdesk team. Our members can contact him to assist them with placing complex cases.

Gio Chanda CeMAP

Mortgage Helpdesk Consultant
Adam Holmes

Adam is part of the Mortgage Helpdesk team. Our members can contact him to assist them with placing complex cases.

Adam Holmes CeMAP

Mortgage Helpdesk Consultant
Diane Jones

Diane manages our Mortgage Helpdesk team, and our members can contact her for assistance with placing complex mortgage cases.

Diane Jones CeMAP

Mortgage Helpdesk Manager
Katrina Ostrowski

Katrina is our Senior Mortgage Helpdesk representative, and our members can contact her for assistance with placing complex mortgage cases.

Katrina Ostrowski CeMAP

Senior Mortgage Helpdesk Consultant

Why do Lenders withdraw products at short notice?

When there are large movements in SWAP rates, Lenders need to make a call about how they react. This will depend on many factors, including:

  • How much volume they are originating
  • How quickly they think any remaining hedge will last
  • The cost of the new hedge
  • How the withdrawal will impact brokers and their customers

To help in this area, Paradigm have built what is thought to be the first of its kind, a directory of over 50 leading Lenders displaying their criteria and policy for product withdrawals. The directory shows each of the listed Lenders expected policy notice when withdrawing products along with commentary where they explain their policy and past performance. We've also collated a hints and tips guide which provides dates for your diary and some useful links to support you further.

Please click here and complete a short download form to view the Directory.

Please click here to see our practical hints and tips document which can sit alongside the Directory.

To aid with your client retention, we’ve pulled together this handy guide to support you and your clients when looking at the Product Transfer market.

You can find the schedule here.

If you need any additional support, please give the Helpdesk team a call on 03300 536061 or email [email protected].

It is clear that Green Mortgages are going to be a lot more prevalent in the future, with changes and development already underway as a result of the UK's aim to become net zero by 2050.  For example, we have already seen changes in particular around EPC ratings for rental properties.

As members of the Mortgage Climate Action Group, we understand the importance of green home finance and the net zero agenda and to support you in this area, we've pulled together a collection of resources which may assist you with these types of mortgages.  For more information about the Mortgage Climate Action Group, please click here.

Green Finance Institute: A collection of Lenders that offer green mortgage products can be found here.

Green Finance Institute: Podcasts available with one-to-one interviews sharing ideas on how to advance green and sustainable finance here

Green Finance Institute: Lenders handbook on Green Home retrofit and technologies can be viewed here

Mortgage Insider Podcast: Green Mortgages Explained can be listened to here.

If you need to find out if a property is eligible for a green mortgage, you can find out a property’s EPC rating on the Government website here
NatWest: Guide to Energy Performance Certificates – Take a look here

Mortgage Climate Action Group: Environmental Checklist for your office can be viewed here

Halifax: Home Energy Saving Tool - A few questions about your client's property can give a personalised action plan on how to best reduce their home energy use and provide cost-effective ways to improve their EPC rating.  Available here.

If you need any additional support on Green Mortgages, give the Helpdesk team a call on 03300 536061 or email [email protected]

A joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage product is aimed at customers who cannot afford a full mortgage on their own, but can do so with the help of a joint applicant. This means an applicant with a lower salary can get support from, for example, a family member to jointly apply for a mortgage. We’ve pulled together a spreadsheet showcasing which lenders offer JBSP products and the relevant criteria around this.

Take a look at the document here.

If you need any additional support on JBSP products, give the Helpdesk team a call on 03300 536061 or email [email protected].

To aid you with client retention, we have put together a useful guide to help you and your clients secure a rate in advance, before the expiry of their current product.

You can find the guide here.

If you need any additional support with your client’s remortgage, please give the Helpdesk team a call on 03300 536061 or email [email protected].”

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If you’d like to access our Mortgage Helpdesk team’s criteria sheets which will give you guidance on placing complex mortgage cases, please register here.