Halifax Intermediaries is committed to providing a variety of solutions for first time buyers, homemovers and those looking to re-mortgage, including product transfers.
Their Product Transfers offer a quick and simple way for your  existing Halifax clients to select a new rate before or after their current Halifax Mortgage deal ends, secure rates up to 3 months in advance and earning a full procuration fee. 
A dedicated Premier team on hand to provide mortgages of £500,000 to £5,000,000, with expertise in dealing with complex cases and case management.
A specialist housing development team with a dedicated New Build processing team – with a wide range of products suitable for New Build clients (with extended complete-by-dates)
Market-leading service from application to offer with day one verification of documents, supported by an excellent BDM / Telephone BDM network

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
All products including Product Transfer & Further Advance 0.36% 0.34%

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