Henry Dannell

Mortgage options for the over 55s – your Later Life referral partner

At Henry Dannell, our Later Life advisers are experts in navigating the flexible options for raising capital for clients aged 55 and over, looking at Retirement Interest Only (RIO) and equity release. We provide advice that is tailored to meet your client’s specific circumstances and objectives.

We provide a unique service that doesn’t just focus on the short-term. Our advisers offer independent, impartial and transparent advice for long-term flexibility. We have whole-of-market access and a competitive Lifetime Advice fee. Giving you the trust that we will provide your clients with a service you'll both confidently recommend.

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Why work with us?

Our Approach

We offer a discrete and personal service tailored to meet the needs of your client and will guide them through every step of their mortgage journey. In the event that we are unable to recommend a Later Life product, or if we determine that another solution is more appropriate, we will explain our reasoning and return the client to you.

Our Unique Offering

We offer an informal complimentary, no-commitment initial consultation. Should your client decide to move forward with an application, we charge a one-time advice fee of £1,295, which is payable upon completion of their mortgage. Our advice fee is a fee for life, which means that if your client's circumstances change and they exhaust their available release, our Later Life advice service is available to them at any time, without any additional advice fee to release additional funds or remortgage.

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Steps to referring your client

As fellow finance professionals, we understand the importance of providing your client with the best possible service and outcome. That’s why we want to work with you to ensure that your client receives a great experience. Our goal is to enhance your service and relationship with your client and provide them with the right solutions tailored to their circumstances and desired outcome.

Step 1

Refer your client to us and we will take it from there. You can either email us with your client’s information or call to discuss and we will update you as you wish.

Step 2

With your client’s permission, one of our advisers will contact them to schedule an initial call. If contact details allow, we will also email some additional information for them to review.

Step 3

If your client wishes to progress, our advice process typically involves two meetings. The first meeting is for the adviser to understand your client’s situation and objectives, while also challenging their assumptions and exploring some alternative solutions.

Step 4

Prior to the second meeting, we will provide your client with a personalised illustration for a recommended plan to review. Once your client is ready, a second meeting will be arranged for the adviser to go through the document in full and cover any questions or queries the client may have.

If your client wishes to apply, your adviser will submit the application, instruct solicitors where necessary, and liaise with all parties through to completion.

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