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We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist financial services solutions, completely focused on meeting the needs of people thinking about, approaching, or in retirement.

We have a strong social purpose - a beacon within financial services. We provide products and services that help our customers achieve a better later life and believe that financial intermediaries are best placed to help people with the choices they need to make to achieve this. 

There’s now more choice than ever for clients who are approaching retirement or already retired. We recognise that financial intermediaries are the architect of clients’ retirement plans. As the expert you’re able to consider alternatives and recommend a product mix that provides secure and flexible income to last a lifetime. As a retirement specialist provider, you can depend on us to support you with first-class service.


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Outstanding service

We’re committed to supporting financial intermediaries, and we’re consistently recognised for providing excellent service: 

  • We were named Company of the Year at the 2021 Financial Adviser Service Awards.
  • We won a 17th consecutive 'five-star' accolade in the 'Pension & Protection Providers' category at the 2021 Financial Adviser Service Awards.
  • We won a 12th 'five-star' accolade in the ‘Mortgage Providers’ category at the 2021 Financial Adviser Service Awards.

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Customer vulnerability

Customer vulnerability continues to be a priority for the FCA, and is a key area of focus in their 2021/22 Business Plan.

We’ve designed a range of support items to help financial intermediaries raise staff awareness and understanding of the topic, and develop bespoke vulnerability policies that are appropriate and effective.

This includes the popular online training module, Consumer Vulnerability in Later Life, developed with the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Updated for 2022, it’s free to use and offers a new certificate for successful completion and CPD.

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Lifetime Mortgages

Helping your clients release tax-free cash from their homes

As more people live longer and want to make the most of their retirement years, their pension savings may have to stretch further than they had initially planned.  Whether they need to find additional sources of funds or boost their income, lifetime mortgages could be the solution they’re looking for.  

The Just For You Lifetime Mortgage offers flexibility and a variety of options to help you design personalised solutions for each client, a need highlighted by the FCA’s review of equity release sales and advice process.


Solutions as unique as your clients

With Just For You Lifetime Mortgage medical underwriting, six in 10 people could borrow more, or get a better interest rate to reduce their borrowing costs.

By combining it with a flexible choice of options, you can now design personalised, tailored solutions for every client - as unique as they are.

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Manage borrowing effectively

  • Reduce costs of borrowing - Medical underwriting could help your client's borrow more or achieve a better interest rate to reduce their costs of borrowing. 
  • Servicing interest - Clients with surplus income every month could benefit from interest servicing and a potential reduction to the roll-up interest rate.
  • Using cashback to borrow less - Our cashback can help clients reduce the loan amount needed (and so the LTV), which could mean a lower interest rate.
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Early repayment charge options

The Just For You Lifetime Mortgage now offers a choice of Fixed or Variable Early Repayment Charge (ERC), so you can recommend the most suitable option for each client's needs.

Those choosing not to service monthly interest can pay up to 10% of each advance in every 12 month policy period without incurring an ERC.
Read our ERC guide for more information.

Maximising funds available

Clients wanting to access as much money as possible may be interested in our flexible cashback options, paid in addition to the loan to value (LTV).

Alternatively, cashback can be used to reduce the size of loan required.

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Why not try our tools?

Indicative Lifetime Mortgage Calculator - show your clients the total amount they could release from their property.
Benefits of medical underwriting - use this interactive tool to see the difference that medical underwriting can make.
Cash Facility Calculator - allows you to estimate the amount that your client could release from their property and the amount of any remaining cash facility.
Interest Serviced Calculator – help your clients decide whether it’s appropriate for them to make monthly payments. Our tools provide an indicative figure, and do not constitute an illustration.
Cashback calculator - see how your clients can use cashbacks to access more funds, or possibly reduce the cost of borrowing.

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