As one of the first to offer specialist mortgages, we’ve always been passionate about helping our customers to own property.   


What sets Kensington apart is the way we do this.  We combine data and insight, with our team of underwriters who see the person behind the application form enabling us to offer mortgages to a broader range of people. 


We’ve improved our BTL product offer through higher LTVs up to 85%LTV, launched Limited Company lending and top slicing, enhanced affordability on five year fixed products,  made our lending criteria more flexible, and improved our service.    


We have a truly unique offering which is best summed up as Kensington Difference!  


Reasons to use Kensington


  • Ability to consider the share of net business profits plus salary for company directors
  • Mortgages for self-employed who have recently started Limited Companies
  • Minimum trading period only 1 year
  • Most recent year’s figures generally used
  • Inland Revenue SA302 acceptable
  • Bank statements will be required with an SA302

Credit History

  • All communications defaults ignored i.e. Mobile phones
  • Existing and previous debt management plans
  • Defaults older than 24 months
  • Satisfied CCJs older than 24 months
  • Secured loan arrears older than 24 months
  • Unsecured credit arrears if accounts now up to date 


  • Income calculated on current weekly contract x 46
  • Only 12 months contracting history required
  • All professions considered with no minimum income requirement
  • Online SA302 acceptable

Complex income

  • Up to 100% of sustainable regular overtime/bonus considered
  • Up to 100% of sustainable second job income considered
  • Pension and investment income allowable

Failed Credit Score

  • Credit score declines
  • Limited credit history
  • Lending decisions made by experienced underwriters

Buy to Let

  • First Time Landlord mortgages
  • Experienced Landlord mortgages
  • Let To Buy mortgages
  • No minimum income for experienced landlords and no maximum portfolio limit 


  • Maximum age at application: 40

  • Up to 5x income, subject to affordability

  • For Armed Forces Personnel, Firefighters, NHS Clinicians (including Nurses & Paramedics), Police Officers & Teachers

Young Professional

  • Maximum age at application: 40

  • Up to 6 x income, subject to affordability

  • For qualified Actuaries, Barristers, Chartered Accountants, Commercial Pilots, Dentists, Doctors & Solicitors

eKo Cashback Mortgage

  • Up to 12 months from completion date to make the energy improvements and claim cashback reward
  • £1000 cash paid upon qualification, direct into your client’s bank account, as long as their mortgage account is current with no missed payments since completion.


Doing business with Kensington is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register online here, using details of your business including your FCA number.
  2. Once registered make sure you select Paradigm as your chosen Mortgage Club. Click on the ‘Admin’ tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and then ‘Your Profile’. Finally, select 'Change preferred Mortgage Club‘ and choose Paradigm.
  3. You are now ready to find the right products for your clients, produce KFIs, obtain DIPs and submit applications.

If you have any questions about this process, or Kensington’s products, call its Business Development Unit on 0800 111 020. 

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net Gross Min Gross Max
All Products 0.50% 0.40% No Min No Max
Flexi Fixed Term Product 0.75% 0.70%