LDN Private Clients

LDN Private Clients comprises a multi-award-winning team of expert advisers in the high value and multi-million pound loan sector. A sub brand of award winning intermediary LDN Finance, LDN Private Clients is proud to work with a panel of over 100 high street lenders, private banks and alternative funding lines to provide professional advice to a wide variety of clients seeking high value property and asset related finance.


Why work with LDN Private Clients?

  • Exclusive access to a large panel of private banks and specialist large loan departments at high street lenders
  • Bespoke advice, tailored to your client and their requirements
  • Regularly work on £1million + loans so have established relationships in this space
  • Award-winning brokerage and multi-award-winning expert team
  • Ensure we will keep you updated throughout so that you can continue to liaise with your client

What LDN Private Clients do

As experts in arranging high value facilities for clients, we appreciate the complexities of high-net-worth wealth and have an acute understanding for bringing together client requirements with competitive finance solutions.

The types of facilities we arrange regularly, but are not limited to, include:

  • Large interest only loans of £1 million and above
  • High loan to value lending in the millions
  • Dry lending facilities whereby the property asset is used as the sole security to the bank, mitigating the need for clients to place assets under management
  • Assets under management (AUM) lending
  • Multi-million pound portfolio lending
  • Lombard lending whereby we secure loans based on holdings of diversified portfolios or single securities
  • Securities-backed lending using liquid assets such as equities, bonds or investment funds
  • Luxury asset financing using art, yachts, supercars and other high value collectables as security for the loan.

What to expect from the process?

We’ll begin by spending time with you and the client to thoroughly understand the loan requirements. Delving deep into the client’s current financial situation will help us to begin the process of finding the most suitable facility. Our advisers will extract all necessary information to ensure a holistic and comprehensive finance solution is delivered, and will keep you updated throughout the process.


Case Studies

How have we helped others?

We were contacted by a HNW client who had found their dream home. Eager to purchase it, they were fixed in their existing mortgage for another 2 years but wanted to know what their options were if they wanted to secure this new property.

Ideally, the client wanted to port their mortgage over to their new house. The new home was also a joint purchase with the client’s partner, who had already sold their previously owned property in order to raise capital and contribute to the deposit from the sale.

Complexities arose in this application surrounding the client’s employment. Previously, the client had been a senior manager at an accountancy firm on a six-figure basic salary. But, since taking out their original mortgage product the client had left their role to go it alone, setting up their own business. The new business had only been trading for 16 months, therefore had just over one year’s accounts available to verify their updated income.

The loan amount required by the client was comfortably within the lender’s affordability assessment based on this one year’s income and their partner’s income combined. However, their existing lender would not allow them to use this income for a porting application.

Although a vast majority of lenders also require two years’ accounts before they’ll take into consideration self-employed income, thanks to our understanding of HNW self-employed client profiles and accounts, we have access to carefully selected lenders that will consider one year’s accounts. We were able to work alongside a lender with a market-leading interest rate, to consider this intricate application and as such, the client’s house move was back on!

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