MPowered Mortgages is a new lender available to you on the revolutionary MPowered platform, offering buy-to-let lending products that are flexible and competitive for individual, limited company and portfolio landlords. The MPowered platform is specifically designed, start to finish, for brokers. Their goal is to provide three things that both brokers and their clients value: Experience, Certainty, Control. 

The MPowered application process is simple and intuitive. The system only asks a few questions, with the rest of the data pulled via document extraction techniques or externally sourced. An efficient application process powered by smart Artificial Intelligence reduces unnecessary back-and-forth, errors and delays. Less time and effort doing the hum-drum. Better options, delivered faster. Meaning more time to advise and develop business. 

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Buy to Let 0.60% 0.54%
Residential 0.40% 0.36%

How to Register

Registering for the first time:

To register with MPowered Mortgages please fill out the registration form on the website. Select Paradigm as the payment route from the drop down menu.

Add Paradigm as payment route:

Select Paradigm from the drop down list. If you experience any issues, call MPowered's team on 0800 260 5949.