Why Prudell?

Based in North West London, Prudell have been trading for over 35 years and putting the client at the centre of everything we do is crucial to our ongoing success.  We appreciate how long it has taken you to build your client relationship and how alien it feels in handing them over to someone else to provide the advice. 
Our Directors Neil and Joe head up our Later Life Lending relationships. With over 40 years combined experience in the mortgage industry and a passion for later life lending they will be delighted to work with you to help your clients achieve their goals.
As a member of the Equity Release Council and offering a Whole Of Market service, you can rest assured that we conduct our later life lending service to the highest industry standards. Prudell is a long established and highly respected Mortgage Brokerage in North West London. Our clients trust us to help them achieve the right solution. We will take the time to understand your client’s circumstances and what they hope to achieve and tailor our advice to them.

A lifetime mortgage allows your clients to unlock equity from their home without moving and is a loan secured against the client’s home

If your client is above the age of 55 and looking to release equity from their home then here are some examples of when your clients may wish to utilise a Lifetime Mortgage;

Lease of Life in Retirement

We all want to enjoy a new lease of life in retirement, the key is having sufficient surplus savings to pay for the bigger plans on top of the everyday essentials.

Repay an Existing Mortgage

Your client may have reached retirement age without having repaid their existing residential mortgage in full and may no longer be able to arrange traditional funding from a mainstream bank or building society. 

Family Gift

A family gift can be utilised for many reasons, for example a deposit for a new home, help with a wedding, repayment of existing credit commitments.

Inheritance Tax Planning

For the more affluent clients, releasing equity can be a very tax efficient way of mitigating Inheritance Tax.
If your clients are looking for a way to fund their retirement dreams without having to sell their home they could consider releasing equity from their property.


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