Suffolk Building Society

We changed our name from Ipswich Building Society in 2021. Why? Because we recognise that our brokers are wider than Ipswich, but we still wanted to retain a geographic connection to the place we call home.

We lend throughout England and Wales. So, whether you’re placing a case for a first time buyer or older borrower, a self builder or a casual landlord and more, we’re here and we’ve done it before. Our expert underwriters consider every application individually, so where others see numbers, we see people and we know life doesn’t come neatly packaged.

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net Gross Min
All products 0.40% 0.37% £150
Minimum fee of £150 gross and £125 net. Additional Borrowing/Further Advance minimum fee of £150 gross and £140 net.

How to Register

Registering for the first time:

Please visit their website to register.

Add Paradigm as payment route:

Contact the helpdesk on 03301 231073 or email [email protected] requesting to add Paradigm.