Vida Homeloans

More than ever before, borrowers need a lender that will react and respond when they are faced with financial complexity. Vida is the mortgage lending specialist with a clear focus on helping more customers in their home ownership journey, unravelling complex situations, and making the process clear and simple.

Working exclusively with expert intermediary partners, Vida combines cutting-edge technology with skilled and caring people to deliver an efficient and differentiated customer experience.  With over 11,000 customers, Vida have lent over £2.1bn since our launch in 2015, but they want to do more. By continuing to invest in technology, people, and process to ensure they deliver a market leading proposition that helps more people with a wider range of home buying needs.

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Residential 0.60% 0.55%
Buy To Let 0.60% 0.55%
Product Transfer 0.30% 0.28%


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