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West One: Experts in Complex Cases
We are a leading provider of specialist mortgages and property finance, helping homeowners, landlords and property investors achieve their financial goals. 

Our Residential and Buy-to-Let offering aims to serve the wide-ranging needs of borrowers whether they are looking for a residential mortgage for their next home, or if they are an amateur or professional landlord.

We lend on a wide variety of property types to a broad range of borrowers. Our expert team are committed to delivering cases with speed and flexibility. We apply an individual approach to underwriting to ensure we review each case on its merits, ensuring we support clients with the smooth and secure purchase or re-mortgage they require.
Why use West One Buy-to-Let?
  • Portfolio lending up to £7.5m per borrower - more than 20 applications or £3m lending by referral*
  • Leasehold Block exposure to 20 units with up to 100% exposure possible - over 20 by referral**
  • Maximum loan size of £2 million available up to 75% on W1 standard range (loans above £1.5 million on referral only*)
  • Great turnaround times from enquiry to application and offer.
  • Rental Stress calculation at 6.75% or pay rate for 5 Year fixed rate products.
  • Max age on application 80.
  • First Time Landlords – HMO, MUFB & Holiday lets - No BTL experience required providing one applicant owns their main residence & has a mortgage payment credit profile.
  • Ltd Co lending with no rate loading (SPVs no trading companies but can-do subsidiaries).
  • Ex-Pats living in EEA countries (outside EEA countries refer for AIP).
  • Holiday Lets/Airbnb lending based on AST rental value so must appeal on this basis.
  • No credit score – Equifax Credit search (Mortgage Payment Profile required).
  • Late Mortgage payments paid within 30 days of the due date are ignored.
  • Defaults/CCJ's registered more than 36 months ago satisfied or unsatisfied ignored on W2 product range.
  • Inter-family sales – gifted equity and gifted deposit considered.
  • No minimum income requirements or evidence generally required.
  • Day One Re-mortgages considered - please refer.
  • New build flats – refer over 5 stories & if above commercial for AIP.
  • HMOs up to 10 bedrooms (referral required for 7-10 bedrooms).
  • Long-Term Corporate Lets & DSS/Student Tenants.
  • Flats/House next to/above Commercial Premises up to 75% LTV on our Specialist Range - refer for AIP.
  • Studio Flats (min 30sqm refer if less).
  • Multi-unit freehold buildings max 10 units & residual/partial MUFBs refer for AIP.
  • Ex-Local Authority Flats – referral if balcony/deck access (require 50% privately owned).
  • Let to Buy (with simultaneous Completion on new home) and Consumer BTLs considered.
  • Flexible approach towards portfolio landlords & No background portfolio stress test.
  • Fast track re-mortgage options to speed up completions.
‘For more information on West One’s Buy-to-Let product range, please view the product guide.
Why use West One Residential Mortgages?
  • Purchase, Remortgage and Unencumbered Products available
  • Standard maximum LTI up to 5.0 times income across all plans
  • LTI’s over 5.0 times income considered on Prime Plus Flex and Prime Flex subject to meeting eligibility requirements
  • LTV’s up to 85% including First Time Buyers
  • Available to employed, self-employed, contractors and retired applicants
  • Flexible loan sizes from £25,000 to £1,000,000 over a 5-40 year payment term
  • Capital raise for almost any legal purpose including debt consolidation up to 85% LTV
  • Fast track remortgage service provided by our on-site solicitors available for loan sizes up to £750,000
For more information on West One’s Residential product range, please view the product guide.
Introduce Business to West One
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To discuss a case, please get in touch with our BTL support desk:
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Our broker support team can help you with new business enquiries, product or criteria questions, assistance using our broker portal or putting you in contact with our experienced field-based sales team.
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To discuss a case, please get in touch with our Residential support desk:
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Proc Fees

Product Gross Net Gross Min Gross Max
Buy to Let 0.6% 0.5%
Residential 0.50% 0,40%

How to Register

Registering for the first time:

You can simply click here to register with West One.

Add Paradigm as payment route:

If not registered, they can request this at registration. If registered, the Paradigm option will be available in a drop down at application once we have gone live. If adviser is already registered, they can select Paradigm from the drop down options at point of application