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Time to go compare?

Why not take a minute to compare your current protection commission earnings to what you may earn via Paradigm Protect? Our quick and easy calculator below will help you to see which Providers you may be able to earn more with just by switching your agencies today! As always, the Paradigm rates have no loaded premiums so your clients do not pay more in order for you to earn more.

Before you get started:

  • You’ll need a sample quotation, for example from iPipeline or The Exchange. This must show the premium a client would pay as well as how much you will earn.
  • You’ll need to know, where applicable, which Providers you have 2 or 4 year terms with as this will effect which box you enter figures in
  • You’ll need to not be receiving loaded premiums through your current commission arrangement as in all likelihood our terms will not be able to match these*
  • To use the final columns you’ll also need to know what percentage commission split your current commission Provider takes as this calculates your NET fee. At Paradigm Protect we take 3%**.

Let’s go!

Simply enter into the boxes below your premium figures and total commission from the sample commission, for each individual Provider…

Current split % This is the percentage that your current payment route takes from the gross commission
Provider Earning Period
Premium (£) Current
Gross Commission (£)
Gross API (%)
Gross Commission
Gross Commission Difference Current Net Commission Paradigm
Net Commission
Am I Better Off?
Aegon 4
Aviva  2
Aviva  4
Canada Life 4
Guardian 4
L & G 4
LV 2
LV 4
Royal London 2
Royal London 4
Scottish Widows 4
Vitality 4
Zurich 4

Putting these commission differences into perspective

It's great knowing how much additional commission you could be earning per case, but how much would this actually amount to across a whole year? You can use the table below to work out your total additional income on the Paradigm terms by entering your average monthly premiums and the percentage split of business with each provider.

Average monthly premiums (£)          
Average AP (£)          
Provider % with each provider Net API Difference  

Total Additional Income

AIG (2 Year)  
AIG (4 Year)  
Aviva (2 Year)    
Aviva (4 Year)    
Canada Life    
L & G        
LV (2 Year)  
LV (4 Year)  
Royal London (2 Year)  
Royal London (4 Year)  
Scottish Widows  

Paradigm take a 3% commission split on protection business.

We request that a Provider will never change your commission terms if your net terms would be worse off.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call on 03300 536061

* Call us on 03300 536061 if you’d like to know more about our rates without loaded premiums or if you need help checking if your current terms are loaded or not.

** The split may be lower than 3% for certain providers to ensure the best net terms possible.

In some instances Paradigm may take a lower commission split where existing terms linked to Paradigm mean that a high commission split would result in lower commission payable.
Paradigm can not be held responsible for holding incorrect information if Providers do not supply the correct commission terms to us or make us aware of any relevant changes.