Paradigm Protection Helpdesk

At Paradigm Protect, we are always trying to make the process of getting protection for your clients as quick and easy as possible (so you have time to sell more!).

Paradigm members can use our Protection Helpdesk, where we can assist advisers who are struggling to place a life insurance case for a client, due to the case being complicated for whatever reason. You can now contact the Protection Helpdesk on: [email protected] or 03300 536061. We will do our best to get an answer from Providers which gives an indication of the type and level of cover that they could provide, if any. In order to do so, we may need to ask for additional information about the client from you. Please ensure that you do not send us any sensitive personal data (such as a GP Report), and send us anonymised details wherever possible.

In addition, we are happy to share below some of our most frequently asked questions on the Protection Helpdesk which might give you an indicator of which Providers can assist clients in certain circumstances.

Hints & Tips


Client classed as 'Impaired Lives' for example those who are may currently be suffering or who have experienced conditions such as cancer, HIV, high BMI up to 55, Type 1 or 2 diabetes, or complex heart conditions?

We would suggest speaking to The Exeter on 0300 123 3207 as their Real Life proposition would offer cover for these clients.
Alternatively, Hive offer a Guaranteed Life Plan for clients under 55; life insurance with no medical questions and guaranteed acceptance (subject to eligibility) underwritten on a moratorium basis and a simple exclusion clause on pre-existing conditions. 

Client who is not a UK Resident?
We would suggest speaking to AIG who will consider cover for non-UK residents - both British citizens (expats) resident almost anywhere in the world, and also foreign nationals resident in over 40 countries.

Client who vapes/uses e-cigarettes?
The following Providers will consider a client who vapes a non-smoker if the product does not contain nicotine: Aegon, Aviva, The Exeter and AIG who would look for the client to be submitted as a smoker but will amend to non-smoker.

Client who has recently stopped smoking?
All Providers on our panel will require the client to have stopped smoking for 12 months.

If a client stops smoking, the following Providers can amend an existing policy to reflect this: Vitality, LV=, Aegon & Scottish Widows. For this to apply, the client would need to have quit smoking for at least 12 months. They will need to have a cotinine test and/or sign a declaration to confirm this.

The following Providers can not amend a policy mid-plan: Aviva, AIG, The Exeter, Legal & General can amend if it is within 6 months but not outside of this.

Client in the military?
If your client does not know of any deployment within the next 12 months and is not involved in any hazardous duties such as mine clearance and bomb disposals, Aegon, Aviva, Guardian, Legal & General, Royal London, Scottish Widows and Vitality could consider at standard rates for Life and CI cover with an armed forces exclusion on CI. For Royal London, the CI exclusion only applies to those in the army and not for those serving in the RAF or Navy.

We are not currently aware of any Providers who will offer income protection to a client who is a full time member of the armed forces.

Client looking for children's cover?
There are no Providers who will offer standalone life insurance, IP or CI products for children. You would need to look at what cover is available as part of an adult's life insurance plan. 

Client looking for executive income protection, which pays a business a monthly benefit amount if, due to accident or sickness, the life assured becomes unable to work and so loses earnings?
We would suggest speaking to Unum, Aegon and Legal & General, all of whom offer an Executive IP product. Royal London also offer a Key Person Income Protection product. 

Client who is over 50 looking for cover?
One Family will guarantee cover with no medical questions for clients aged between 50-80.