Paradigm has worked hard with all Protection Providers to bring you market leading commercial terms. We also offer comprehensive support including a Protection helpdesk, regular CPD events, quotation technology, marketing support and more. In many instances where agencies are currently held direct with Providers, this can have a significant effect on commission income, with increases of up to 40% in some cases.

Paradigm has relationships with all major Protection Providers operating in the intermediary space, as well as specialist Providers such as Holloway Friendly, Exeter Friendly and UNUM.
  • Individual Life
  • Critical Illness
  • Over 50’s Plans
  • Relevant Life
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Whole of Life
  • Income Protection
  • Impaired Lives
  • General Insurance
  • Group Life
  • Funeral plans
  • Private Medical Insurance referral

No, there are no loaded premiums to be paid by your clients. The rates which we have access to are the best rates offered by the Providers in the intermediary space; our increased commissions are as a result of Paradigm’s “buying power” and commitment to quality.

The Paradigm Protect Panel offers a choice of 14 Providers with enhanced commission terms. It does NOT mean that your firm is deemed to be operating from a restricted panel, and you can be declared as independent.

Net commissions vary between a 1% - 3% split to Paradigm, and are designed to be market leading for firms.

Our Paradigm Protect Panel now includes our general insurance providers as standard. The way you submit business doesn’t change, whether you write it yourself or refer to one of our trusted partners, nor does it affect the amount of commission you receive up front. Aligning your general insurance agencies to Paradigm triggers a retained fee to be paid on top of your commission. These retained fees are accumulated throughout the year and then Paradigm will share 50% back with your firm as part of our annual profit share scheme, in the same way as for mortgage retained fees.

Commission is paid directly to you by the Provider. Any commission split to Paradigm is paid directly to Paradigm.
We have access to both the Exchange and iPipeline (Assureweb and SolutionBuilder) the latter two being free of charge to Paradigm Protect members. By offering fully subsidised SolutionBuilder licences, you can save over £180 per month per licence. We also have free access to UnderwriteMe and a discounted rate for ProtectionGuru Pro.
Joining Paradigm Protect does not affect the process of getting quotations for clients. When you request a quotation from either of the main portals, as the quotation rates are calculated, the commission levels are simultaneously obtained from the Provider’s agency systems. This ensures that commission disclosure on your client’s quote is both bespoke to your firm, and fully accurate.
Send us a sample quotation from Exchange/iPipeline to [email protected] and we can show you which Providers you would be better off with via Paradigm’s enhanced terms.

You can rest assured that joining Paradigm Protect:

  • Will not result in an increase in premium for your clients
  • Will not compromise your independent status
  • Will not prevent you from dealing with any providers of your choice
  • Will ensure you are never paid less net commission than the rates you currently receive
We hold specialist Protection events throughout the UK where Providers discuss their propositions, underwriting and unique selling points. Invites are sent via email and details are also available on our website. All directly authorised firms are very welcome to attend these. Events are free of charge and CPD certificates are provided. 
Email [email protected] asking us to align your firm to Paradigm’s commission terms. You will be required to sign an Paradigm Protect Panel form which we will send to you. We will then contact the Providers and do the rest.